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Factory GazSintez

  • Котлы в составе блочно-модульной котельной
  • Котлы и горелки внутри котельной Завода ГазСинтез
  • Производство крышной котельной на Заводе ГазСинтез
Production Space

Production Space

more than 5000 square meters

Staff Size

Staff Size

more than 100 people

Production Specialization

Production Specialization

modular boiler-houses, heat points, gas control units

Working Cycle

Working Cycle


Annual Output

Annual Output

more than 200 units



ISO 9001-2015

Factory GazSintez is an up-to-date manufacturing plant, whose activities are based on the production of boiler-houses with different types of fuel, heat points and gas-distribution plants designed for civil and industrial facilities.

The heat-power equipment is produced in strictly accordance with technological parameters and operating conditions, serving the business objectives listed in design There is the following equipment among output goods for industrial applications:

  • mini boiler-houses SINTEZ — unitized single-block boiler-units with capacity up to 350 kW;
  • modular and transportable boiler-houses;
  • steam boiler-houses for generation of saturated or superheated steam;
  • electric boiler-houses with capacity up to 3000 kW;
  • heat points to control energy consumption, heat conductor transformation and regulation;
  • boiler-houses with different types of fuel , such as diesel, fuel oil, wood, coal, LPG etc;
  • roof boiler-houses to install on the roof of buildings;
  • automation and control systems of boiler-houses on base of coupling cabinets and control consoles;
  • gas regulating points;
  • gas disposition terminals, gas metering units;
  • chimneys.

Produced goods are manufactured on wheather standard or custom design. Regardless of the inquiry complexity the design and equipment selection is carried out by qualified staff with relevant experience in project implementation. The enterprise's management promotes the active development of the company, constant proficiency upgrading and manufacture up-dating.

Production process is certified by the Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2015.

Manufactured equipment is produced in accordance with the state standards and industry sector codes as amended. Regulatory compliance allows to ensure equipment safety and steady operation throughout its target life.


Manufacturing site

Heating plants production
Welding works
Boiler equipment manufacture

Factory GazSintez is a territory of 1 Ha, divided into two production departments with a total area of 5 000 m2.

Manufacturing site includes up-to-date facilities with highly-accurate close control equipment, plasma and torch cutting machine, various multifunctional machines with numerical programmed control. For design purposes the engineering department uses high-performance computers with high-tech software, which allow to undertake non-routine tasks and meet the present-day production requirements.

The enterprise infrastructure consists of the following shops:​

  • blank section
  • machining section
  • workshop of boiler-houses and gas-run mini CHP production
  • steel vessels and high-pressure apparatus production shop
  • production area of equipment for liquefied gases (LPG, SNG)
  • electrical shop
  • chimneys production area
  • paint shop and powder coating shop

There is complete co-operation between shops and sectors which leads to stable and efficient production process. Prompt task performance and proper workflow management allow to produce equipment satisfying the design requirements right on time.


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