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Boiler houses with different types of fuel

Boiler house on coil
Boiler house on diesel
Combined boiler house

As an energy carrier various types of fuel can be used in boiler houses: coal, fuel oil, fuel pellets, diesel, pellets, etc., that is any fuel which produces thermal energy when burning.

The choice of a particular type of fuel for boilers depends on many factors: the cost of fuel, fuel value, fuel availability at the location of boiler house operation, construction of a new boiler house  or its upgrading and conversion to a new type of fuel. In the case of upgrading it should be taken into account what equipment the boiler house is already completed with and what is the rate of payback, because it will be needed to change the boilers and install additional equipment.

Types of fuel boilers

Factory GazSintez produces liquid and solid fuel boiler houses.

Depending on the type of fuel, the following boiler plants are distinguished:

  • diesel boiler house
  • coal boiler house
  • gas boiler house
  • boiler house on LPG
  • boiler house on fuel-wood
  • combined boilers

Boiler houses that operate on liquid or solid fuel, differ in technological equipment. First, it is necessary to provide a place of fuel storage: for liquid fuel - vessels and tanks, for solid fuels - a warehouse for storage, for example, coal bunker. Moreover, the ways of fuel supply also varies depending on the type of energy carrier. Liquid fuel is supplied to the boiler through the supply pipelines; coal, pellets - through screws, conveyors.

It should also be remembered that when burning of any type of fuel, combustible gases are formed, which should be removed from the boiler house, as well as ash and slag (in coal boilers), which are removed through ash-handling and bottom-ash systems.

Factory GazSintez supply boilers with different types of fuel in a complete set, including boiler equipment, storage and fuel supply system, chimneys, ash-handling and bottom-ash system (for coal boilers).