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Hydronic evaporators and evaporator units SYNTEK

Water evaporator unit SYNTEK with a capacity of 2000 kg/h
Hydronic evaporator unit SYNTEK with a capacity of 160 kg/h
Evaporators in the liquid evaporator unit SYNTEK

Hydronic (water) evaporators and evaporator units SYNTEK are used in independent gas supply systems of various residential buildings and industrial facilities.

The basis of the units are water vaporizer with a capacity of 160 kg/ h, 320 kg/ h, 500 kg/h, the use of which consistently in one chain will increase their total capacity up to 9000 kg / h.

The function of the evaporators and evaporator units is to obtain a gas vapour mixture from the liquid phase of LPG (liquified petroleum gas).

LPG is stored in a liquid phase, and the equipment "consumes" gas, that is, its vapor phase. In order to enable phase change, it is necessary to heat the propane-butane mixture up to the boiling point.

Due to the temperature difference of propane and butane, the evaporation process is uneven, heavy hydrocarbons evaporate longer, that is why the resulting vapor fraction has a irregular composition. All this leads to unstable operation of gas equipment and decrease of its capacity.

In order to make the equipment work stable, the Factory GazSintez produces water vaporizers SYNTEK-V and the evaporator unit SYNTEK-I-V. A forced raise of liquid phase temperature results from the coolant heating, which eliminates the shutdown of the entire system. Hot water, antifreeze or steam can act as a coolant.

SYNTEK manufactures and supplies equipment in a modular structural design of full factory readiness. All attachments are mounted on a metal frame. To install in the open space, we also supply evaporator units in the placement of equipment in a steel cabinet, including heat insulated, and in a heat-insulated block-box.

The configuration of the liquid evaporator unit SYNTEK

  • steel framed design, steel cabinet or block box
  • water evaporator with capacity up to 500 kg/h or several evaporators with total capacity up to 9000 kg/h
  • drip collector
  • pressure control valve group for liquid and vapor phase
  • pressure gauges with a valve at the liquefied gas inlet and the vapor phase outlet
  • gas filter
  • discharge gas pipe
  • instrumentation and controls (temperature sensors, meters, thermostatic control valve)
  • circulating-coolant line
  • shut-off and safety valves (ball valve, solenoid valve, etc.)
  • automation system

Specifications of liquid vaporizer units SYNTEK-I-V

  • capacity - up to 9000 kg/h
  • LPG inlet pressure - up to 1.6 MPa
  • vapor phas output pressure - 0.003-1.0 MPa (it is possible to increase the output
  • pressure by agreement with the Customer)
  • operating temperature - from -60ºC to +50ºC
  • coolant inlet and outlet pressure - up to 0.6 MPa
  • heat exchange surface area of one evaporator - up to 1.2 m2

Advantages of liquid vaporizer units SYNTEK produced by the Factory GazSintez

  • full factory readiness contributes to quick installation on site
  • the automation system allows to save on the cost of maintenance personnel and serve to the safe operation
  • evaporation process starts even with a small temperature difference between the coolant and liquefied gas
  • high specific heat power
  • manufacturer's price does not depend on the exchange rate
  • manufacturer's warranty