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SINTEZ Group is a modern Alliance of enterprises engaged in the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of equipment for industrial facilities of various applications.

The mission of SINTEZ Group is delivery of integrated services and complete solutions to the oil and gas industry facilities by equipment multi-utility manufacturers.

SINTEZ Group mission Consolidated SINTEZ Group represents an industry segment with prompt cooperation of research, development and production enterprises. Association of enterprises of focused specialization in a single cluster allows to achieve the goals set for the implementation of the mission:

  • entity of managing service and engineering structure for the rapid and prompt reaction to Customer's requests;
  • multiple approach and elaboration as for typical also for challenging orders;
  • design and equipment selection based on Customer feedback;
  • manufacture of high quality equipment in accordance with running standards and quality regulation;
  • supply, construction, startup and commissioning as per schedule.

Skilled professionals with relevant experience in project implementation allows us to meet targets. Punctuality, ongoing professional skills improvement, appropriate and efficient resource usage and innovative solutions practice are the main principles of working for maximum Customer benefit.

These are the main objectives to achieve goals:

  • identifying Customer's needs and making pre-design based on them;
  • making an up-to-date proposal and providing a maximum profitability of project;
  • equipment selection according to Customer's specification;
  • tanks, vessels and other metal structure manufacture as designed;
  • off the shelf detailed checkout, inspection and test;
  • delivery rate searching and prompt shipment of equipment on site;
  • engineering works, construction and start up;
  • facility commissioning.

Thus, we guarantee observance of dates, safe operation of the equipment and facility, trouble-free service within life-time. Moreover, all the equipment conform to the design at the same time taking into account the economic benefits.

Strategic development plan of SINTEZ Group for the next few years is based on the goal to create a broad network of mutually beneficial partnerships with long-term cooperation that will provide oil and gas, petrochemical, oil refining facilities with necessary equipment.