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Unified heating systems

  • Контрольно-измерительное оборудование
  • Водогрейные котлы в составе котельной
  • Внутреннее оснащение блочно-модульной котельной


Unified heat supply system design, production, construction, starting-up, adjustment and commissioning



Camp accommodation and industrial facilities heating and hot water supply



SP 62.13330.2011
ТР ТС 032/2013
ISO 9001:2015

The Unified heating system is a modern fully shop-assembled modular boiler-houses which are used for industrial and house heating and hot water supply.

Heat and hot water supply is provided by various types of fuel which choice depends on site conditions and design requirements:

  • natural gas;
  • liquefied petroleum gas;
  • liquid fuel, including diesel and oil;
  • solid fuels (coal, peat and wood materials).

It is possible to use an alternative resource - electricity.

If reliable and uninterrupted heat and hot water supply is needed, double and multi fuel boiler-houses are used whose peculiarity is a reserve fuel supply line. Availability of different fuel supply lines allows to change base fuel for reserve one so that it takes place unnoticed by ultimate consumers.

To meet up-to-date requirements SINTEZ Group offers two types of boiler-houses:

  • Mini boiler-houses
    Their capacity is 100-350 kW. Power augmentation up to 1 MW can be achieved as the result of cascade integration. There is no need to get RTN certification; equipment has small overall sizes, the maximum mobility and versatility.
  • Block-modular boiler-houses
    Their capacity is up to 30 MW, providing heat and hot water to premises with a total area of up to 300,000 m2. The advantages are their high performance and short installation time.

Unified heating systems are delivered on site as fully equipped modular one or several units. Their configuration is selected during design and includes water heating or steam boilers, single-fuel or combined burners, pumping group, heat exchange equipment, etc. The choice of the modular units number is due to the number of boilers required to achieve the objective power. If one boiler is enough, a one modular unit is supplied. When using several boilers all the devices and equipment is housed in two or more modular units. Each block-module is delivered to the site separately. At worksite they are installed on the foundation, joined and connected to off-site utilities.

Boiler-houses of any type has no strict binding at the facility and can be shipped to a new site if necessary.

Block_module of a boiler
Equipment of the transportable boiler house
Block-modular boiler house equipment


They differ in wide variability of a complete set, allowing to change configuration depending on the specified business purposes. Regardless of the final configuration, the block-modular and mini-boiler-houses include:

  • one or more water heating or steam boilers;
  • single-fuel or combined burners depending on the amount of fuel;
  • heat exchangers and hydraulic deviders;
  • pumping unit, consisting of a network, feed or anti-condensation pumps;
  • chimneys of different types (facade, self-supporting, truss-construction);
  • automation system on the basis of PLC control;
  • dispatching system based on GSM module, Internet channels and SCADA system;
  • water cleanup, deaerating and chemical treatment systems;
  • isolation and relief valves;
  • monitoring instrumentation (pressure gauges, meters, temperature sensors, etc.);
  • fire and burglar alarm systems;
  • fuel storage depending on the fuel used (diesel tanks, mazut-handling equipment, LPG storage farm, coal storage warehouses, coal-handling plant, slag removal systems, etc.).

Boiler-houses are intended to be used in areas with ambient temperature from -42°C to +60°C. If the equipment is used in the areas with a cooler climate, heat insulation and space-heating system are designed to maintain the running temperature not lower than + 5°C.

Modular units are fully shop-assembled equipment that allows to reduce installation time and facility commissioning.

Ⓡ is focused on the manufacture of mini and modular boiler-houses, SINTEK produces equipment for LPG boiler-houses, Saratov Rezervoir Plant produces storage tanks for diesel, petroleum, oil and lubricant). Design, construction, installation, automation system implementation are carried out by Neftegazengineering. Enterprises are certified according to the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and comply with application and state standards requirements.


The main objective of the equipment package is heat and hot water uninterrupted supply. Additionally the supplied units have the possibility to be moved to another facility if needed without carrying out construction of permanent facilities. Fuel supply safety is reached due to backup fuel supply line creation.

Operating principle consists of several successive stages. The fuel moves to the boiler chamber, where heat buildup is taken place as the result of the fuel combustion process. The resulting heat warms the coolant up the target temperature. If the coolant is water it heats up to 95°C. If it is a steam boiler-house and steam production is aimed, water heating is up to receiving the saturated or superheated steam. At the next stage the coolant is supplied to pipelines and delivered to the hot water and heating systems (i.e. ultimate consumers).

Then water is returned back to the boiler (closed system) or removed from the boiler-house (open system). Water replenishment is needed in closed system to compensate for resources circulation loss.

Boiler-houses operate in a fully automatic mode with weather-dependent temperature control of the coolant. Indicated values are transmitted to the operator's control panel in real-time mode, thus the offered systems are unmanned buildings. The built-in safety system allows timely to prevent the emergencies, such as value deviation or gas leak.


Boiler-houses design
Boiler-houses design
Boiler equipment selection
Boiler equipment selection
Boiler-houses production
Boiler-houses production
Equipment delivery at site
Equipment delivery at site
Boiler-houses assembling
Boiler-houses assembling
Boiler-houses starting-up and adjustment
Boiler-houses starting-up and adjustment
RTN certification
RTN certification
Boiler-houses commissioning
Boiler-houses commissioning


Equipment safe operation and long service life are guaranteed by the observance of state standards developed and approved for the heat and power industry. Specialists of the SINTEZ Group do pre-design, design and assembling guided by such documents as:

  • SP 89.13330.2012 "Boiler units";
  • GOST R 50831-95 "Boiler units. Thermal and mechanical equipment. General technical requirements".

Equipment compliance with modern standards allows to provide uninterrupted and stable fuel supply in the volume stated in design.


Technical enquiry completion, boiler-house design, cost calculation and production time estimation are carried out by the specialists of "NGI" taking into account the equipment configuration (boilers, burners, water treatment systems, etc.). We offer delivery of packaged solutions for heat and hot water supply, as well as work out Custom designs.