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Trading House GazSintez

  • Внутреннее оснащение блочно-модульной котельной
  • Контрольно-измерительное оборудование внутри котельной

Business units

Representative office in Moscow and Saratov

Product line

More than 200 Units of boiler and heat-power equipment

Company specialty

Boiler houses, heating units and other equipment for LPG usage


At the price of producing plants

Shipping logistics

Vehicles, railway service, delivery service

Sales geography

Russia, ex-USSR countries (Azerbaijan, Tadjikistan, Kazahstan, Turkmenia)

Trading House Gazsintez is the official dealer of the Factory Gazsintez and carry out delivery of quality equipment for boilers, process plants, heating and gas supply, as well as equipment for LPG.

High qualification of employees and understanding the specifity of heat-power and gas facilities allows to offer equipment with optimal characteristics with account of individual operation requirements. The range of the delivered goods includes the following:

  • gas control units;
  • cabinet-type gas control points;
  • heat-exchange equipment to maintain the specified operating temperature;
  • gas heaters for boiler houses and different engineering units;
  • circulating pumps for heating systems;
  • LPG equipment
  • gas burners.

Equipment dropshipping guarantees constant control at all stages (design, manufacturing, delivery) and allows to change equipment configuration to meet particular industrial facility requirements, implementing both standard and challenging custom projects. Finished products quality and safe operation throughout all service life are provided by adherence to industrial standards, construction norms and specifications.

Due to the wide network of partners, TD Gazsintez carries out on-time delivery across the territory of Russia and the CIS countries, including:

  • The Far Eastern, Ural, Siberian, Northwest and Volga Federal districts;
  • Eastern, Western, Northern, Central and southern region of Kazakhstan;
  • Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Minsk and Mogilev regions of Belarus;
  • Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Moldova, etc.

The way of transportation is chosen on the basis of the balance between the cost and delivery time, considered the weight, loading gauge, location remoteness, etc.

TD Gazsintez offers fully shop-assembled equipment, which allows the Customer to reduce time expenditures on construction works, cut the cost of transportation and logistics and list of works, thus place the equipment and facility into service at the earliest.