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SINTEZ Group is comprised of engineering company OOO Neftegazengineering, which specializes in integrated design, construction and commissioning of oil and gas, chemical and power facilities. We also offer services for complete automatic control of green field or the implementation of automation and dispatching system at the existing facilities.

Due to the wide practice in design and construction, the company's specialists offer a versatile and complex approach in design and construction of oil and gas and chemical facilities, such as transloading terminals, refinery tankages, storage plants, oil and gas production and processing enterprises, facilities of self-contained installations of gas service and heat supply ones etc.

The main fields of concern are as follow:

  • exploratory design
  • techno-economic justification
  • engineering survey
  • development of complex engineering solutions
  • designing and automatic control system of technological process implementation
  • general contracting, project vetting and construction design supervision
  • dismantling, installation and construction of various facilities
  • commissioning and supervising installation etc.

All the work is performed in accordance with the field conditions at the facility and state standards enabling our specialists to provide design and construction work on a turnkey basis.

OOO Neftegazengineering is a member of self-regulatory organization in engineering surveys, designing and construction of oil and gas and chemical facilities, including a highly dangerous ones. Our design engineers and construction and assemblage workers attend a refresher courses, professionally-focused conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

The engineering Department uses modern software and 3D modeling to accurately visualize the final design object. Construction and installation Department has a variety of machinery and uses only proven construction and erection methods that ensure the compliance of the construction object with state code, regulations and standards. All the technologies used together lead to safe facility operation throughout lifetime.

SRO certificate for design work

Допуск к проведению проектных работ

SRO certificate for construction

Допуск к проведению строительных работ