About Association of Engineering Companies SINTEZ

Saratov Rezervoir Plant, GazSintez Factory, SINTEK, Neftegazengineering and Traiding Houses Association of Engineering Companies "SINTEZ" is an association of research, development and production companies, specialized in the engineering solutions implementation and manufacturing of a large range of equipment for the oil and gas industry.

The aim of cooperation within a single production cluster is to achieve a multified approach to satisfying the requirements of potential Customers.

Association of Engineering Companies "SINTEZ" has significant technological potential enabling it to act as a reliable partner for native oil and gas industry companies of near and far abroad.

The peculiarity of the Association is that each of its companies has its own clear-cut monotechnics. Each enterprise of the Association of Engineering Companies complete complex and multi-faced tasks, offering off-the-shelf solutions enabling to create from scratch an up-to-date production and service infrastructure.

The foundation of our marketing strategy is a comprehensive approach, which let us build a unique production plan. Entire product and service range gives the possibility to implement diversified projects successfully.

Saratov Reservoir Plant manufactures tanks and vessels for storage and transportation of oil, gas and other substances. Factory GazSintez produces mini boiler-houses, modular boiler houses, heating units and gas-distributing stations. Equipment for liquefied gases, evaporating and mixing units, pumps and compressor units are manufactured under the brand of SINTEK. Neftegazengineering is in charge of projects at all stages, from design to construction and commissioning of equipment at the facility.

Implemented scheme proves the possibility to expand the product and services line significantly and broaden the scope of the offers due to the complexity and comprehensive approach, focusing all the processes in the framework of one Association. This approach is much more attractive and comfortable for potential Customers because it is able to provide them with the ability to effectively solve a challenge and in a much shorter period of time.

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