Manufacturing sites of SINTEZ Group

SINTEZ Group is a wholesale manufacturing holding company that consists of SARRZ, Factory GazSintez and industrial group SINTEK. Having three plants we can serve oil and gas, chemical and power facilities with a wide range of equipment.

The total area of all the Factories is more than 10000 m2. It allows to produce more than 25 units of different types monthly. Permanent equipment modernization and updating as well as regular staff training and development contributes to the improvement of the manufacturing process and increase the volume of output while maintaining equipment quality and cost.

Oil and gas and power equipment is manufactured at factories certified according to Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015 that allows to guarantee output high quality and reliability.




    We produce equipment for oil and gas, chemical
    and heat and power industries



    Implemented Quality Management
    System confirms it



    The plants are equipped with
    high-tech advanced equipment and machines



    Skilled and trained professionals specialized
    in design, production and construction

Having a large production capacity, professional staff members offer Customers a wide range of manufactured goods for great amount of branches.

Manufactured goods are as follow:

  • vertical and horizontal, above-ground and underground, single- and double-walled tanks, containers and vessels for storage of liquid flammable liquids, light, dark, viscous oil
  • tanks and vessels for liquefied hydrocarbon gases and cryogenic liquids under pressure, insulated tanks
  • boiler houses, modular boiler plants, heat points etc
  • mixing plants, evaporator systems, compressor systems, pump modules and other equipment for LPG and SNG production, keeping and usage
Saratov Rezervoir Plant manufactures tanks and vessels
Factory GazSintez produces boiler houses and heating units
SINTEK manufactures equipment for LPG


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