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Quality Management System

SINTEZ Group includes such manufacture plants as SARRZ, GazSintez, SINTEK, Trading Houses SARRZ and GazSintez, design and construction enterprise Neftegazengineering, which activity is aimed at meeting individual Customer requirements of oil and gas, chemical and power industries.

The core target of SINTEZ Group is ongoing improvement of equipment design, production and construction. It leads to competitive recovery at the Russian and international market.

Implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 adds to our long-term success.

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 at SINTEZ Group Quality Management System ISO is a complex of managerial policies, solutions and procedures which go with workflow. The System provides effective coordination of every stage inside the Company.

Virtually QMS is made as documentation of each and every workflow phase and cycle at the enterprise. It describes targets, goals, means of implementation and performance evaluation and helps to function in accordance with specified Rules and Procedures. Such a structure minimizes possible failures in the work activity.

The sequence of all workflow stages at either industrial or commerce enterprise creates an effective Group structure that allows to assess the performance and correspondence objectives to the final result. There are work activity, managerial procedures and means of operational evaluation covered by the Quality Management System.

Quality Management System implementation has a number of positive strategic and economic advantages:

  • constant improvement of product quality and services
  • product and service quality satisfies Customer requirements
  • labour costs and shop cost decrease due to exception of inefficient and meaningless activities
  • extending variety of equipment and services
  • efficient collaboration of horizontal and vertical structures and departments that favourably reflects on interpersonal relations