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  • Горизонтальный резервуар для хранения СУГ
  • Доставка стальной емкости до объекта
  • Монтаж вертикальных резервуаров
Production Space

Production Space

more than 4000 square meter

Staff Size

Staff Size

more than 400 people

Production Specialization

Production Specialization

tanks and vessels, metal structures

Working Cycle

Working Cycle


Annual Output

Annual Output

more than 3000 tones



ISO 9001:2015

Saratov Reservoir plant SARRZ is focused on manufacturing high quality steel tanks and vessels for petroleum products and liquefied gas, underground tanks, vessels with mixers and various equipment for oil and gas industry.

SARRZ has a wide experience of implementing orders of different complexity, producing most suitable goods for specific conditions. The variety of output includes:

  • vertical tanks with fixed or floating roof;
  • horizontal aboveground and underground tanks;
  • underground drain tanks;
  • vessels;
  • silos and bunkers for bulk materials storing;
  • vessels for liquefied gas LPG;
  • hot water accumulators;
  • tanks and reservoirs;
  • welded engineering and industrial metal structures.

Tanks and vessels are manufactured of stainless and structural steel.

Every year Saratov Reservoir Plant produces about 3000 tons of products for the petrochemical, oil and gas and refining industries. Output has all necessary permits, including Certificates, Declarations of conformity and Licenses which verify the quality of work performed. Highly-qualified staff and up-to-date equipment have the priority at the Plant.

Plant SARRZ is a closed cycle factory, where the process starts from subproduct production and ends with product audit testing for leak resistance and high-pressure test. The results are recorded in final completion protocol included in the contents of delivery along with Product certificate and Operating manual.

The quality of the equipment is guaranteed by certification to ISO 9001-2015.

Equipment manufacture is also carried out in compliance of relevant state standards requirements, Federal rules and regulations. Compliance with the applicable requirements ensures high quality of products and safe operation during lifetime.


Manufacturing site

Steel tanks manufacture
Welding works
Metal working

Production facilities of Saratov Reservoir Plant include workshops with total area of over 4000 m2. There are high-performance equipment such as the installation of plasma and Torch cutting machines, three-roll sheet bending machine with CNC (computerized numerical control), turning-and-boring lathes and millers, scroll shell production line and machinery presses.

Processing area is divided into sectors:

  • subproduct production workshop
  • welding and fitters works section
  • machine processing section
  • electrical sector
  • Quality Control Division
  • paint shop

Production process is organized so as tanks and vessels are manufactured with optimal speed to satisfy the design dimensions precisely. Finished items undergo quality control, leak test, weld joint inspection. Thus we can guarantee the conformity of equipment with running conditions.

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