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Block-modular boiler houses

Block-modular boiler house with a power of 3 MW
Boilers in block-modular boiler plant with a power of 2,1 MW
The internal design of block-modular boiler house

Block-modular boiler houses are processing installations with a full set of equipment for heat and water supply of various facilities (residential, industrial, production).

A distinctive feature of block-modular boiler houses is full factory readiness. This type of boiler houses is delivered to the operating site in one or several block modules with the equipment installed inside. The number of modules depends on the power of the boiler house: the more power, the more boilers are needed for its operation. For example, a 500 kW boiler house operates on a single boiler, so all process equipment can be installed in one block-module. A boiler house with a power of 2.0 MW operates on two boilers of 1.1 MW, so the process equipment is placed in two block-modules.

At the worksite, several block-modules are connected to a single system (if a boiler house consists of several blocks) and connected to external heat networks.

The advantages of block-modular boiler houses

  • lock-modular design of boiler houses has undeniable advantages over stationary boiler plants:
  • full factory readiness reduces the installation time on the construction site (does not require a special building and foundation for it, there is no need to assemble boiler equipment)
  • one block-module has a convenient overall dimensions for road transportation
  • the automation system simplifies the operation of the boiler house
  • high fire safety and reliability of boiler houses
  • block-modular boiler house can be dismantled and transported to a new operating site

Classification of block-modular boiler houses

Factory GazSintez produces various types of modular boiler houses based on:

1. type of fuel used

  • gas block-modular boiler houses
  • boiler plants on liquefied petroleum gas
  • solid-fuel block-modular boiler houses (on wood, coal, etc.)
  • diesel block-modular boiler houses
  • combined (dual-fuel) block-modular boiler houses( one type of fuel is the main, the second - the reserve (emergency)

2. the type of the boiler (type of heat transfer medium):

  • water boiler plants (for hot water and heat supply)
  • steam boiler plants (for heat supply)
  • steam-water boiler plants

3. structural design:

  • block-modular boiler houses
  • roof boiler room
  • boiler rooms in-frame
  • mobile boiler plants (boiler on the chassis)
  • stationary boiler plants

Composition and design of block-modular boiler house

Block box (block-module) of the boiler plant  is an all - metal container, sheathed with steel profile or sandwich panels. Depending on the operating temperature, the housing can be heat-insulated.

Regardless of the boiler house type its basic configuration includes the following equipment:

  • boiler of the appropriate type (water, steam)
  • burners (depending on the fuel type - gas, diesel, solid fuel, combined)
  • heat transfer equipment
  • pumping equipment (circulation, network, feed, condensate pumps)
  • equipment for fuel supply depending on the fuel type used: diesel fuel supply system, gas regulating equipment)
  • control and measuring instruments for control and regulation of system operation parameters
  • automation (and dispatching) system for automatic control and regulation of the boiler house operation
  • water-treating equipment, chemical treatment system, deaerating equipment
  • heating and ventilation equipment of the block-modular boiler house
  • piping arrangement

The exact configuration of the block-modular boiler houses depends on the type of boiler. For example, the diesel block boiler-houses include fuel storage tank and the coal boiler requires chimney. Therefore, the exact equipment configuration of boiler plants is designed individually.