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Electric boiler houses

Electric boiler house
Electric boilers
Block-modular electric boiler plant

Electric boiler houses are used for heating and hot water supply of both camp accommodation and industrial facilities. A wide power range allows to heat the premises up to 30000 m2.

The power and heat output of electric boiler plants depends on the types of boilers and their quantity. Thus, for heating of camp accommodation facilities and small objects up to 1250 m2 Factory GazSintez uses universal boilers with the power of 35-125 kW. For heating of larger facilities up to 10,000 m2 boiler rooms are equipped with industrial boilers from 150 kW to 1000 kW. For heating of buildings and constructions with an area of up to 30000 m2, high-power electric boilers with a power of up to 3000 kW are supplied.

The advantage of electric boiler houses is the possibility of their operation as central, and as well as mobile or backup heat supply source, which is achieved due to the high degree of independence of the equipment.

The basis of electric boiler plants are electric boilers with weather-dependent controller and multistep control of as a separate heating element, as well as the boiler plant as a whole.

Except for electric boilers, heating boiler houses are equipped with:

  • circulating water supply pumps
  • expansion membrane tank
  • pumps control cabinet
  • electric boilers control cabinet
  • electrical distribution panel
  • control and measurement instrumentation and isolation valves

In addition, reliability, safety, efficiency and ease of use are guaranteed by the following:

  • electric boilers are heat-insulated
  • tubular heating elements with brass nut are made of stainless steel and suffer corrosion a little
  • modular contactors ensure quiet and long operation
  • uninterruptible power supply of drive circuits is provided by a phase selector
  • the presence of coolant (including non-freezing glycol liquids) is controlled by the sensor
  • "air lock" formation is excluded due to the presence of an automatic deaerator
  • a safety valve is installed to protect the equipment from high pressure

Factory GazSintez produces automatic electric boiler house in block-modular design. The body is a welded metal container, which is insulated and sheathed with sandwich panels. There are natural inflow exhaust ventilation, heating, as well as fire and alarm systems inside the boiler room. To protect the equipment from unauthorized access, the door is equipped with a locking system. At the Customer's request it is possible to use security alarm system.

Electric boiler houses are delivered in full factory readiness and require installation on a prepared foundation and link to external power supply and main pipeline.

Technical specifications of electric boiler plants

Criteria Value
1 Application heating and hot water supply
2 Design
  • block-modular
3 Power, kW
  • on the basis of industrial boilers - 150-1000 kW
  • on the basis of multi-operated boilers - 35-125 kW
4 Heated space area, m2
  • on the basis of industrial boilers - up to 10000
  • on the basis of multi-operated boilers - up to 1250
5 Heat output, Gcal-hr up to 2,58
6 Efficiency, % up to 96
7 Automation system weather-dependent control system
8 Voltage, V 380
9 Coolant pressure, MPa up to 0,4
10 Coolant temperature, ºС 0-90
11 Current rating in phase, А 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000
12 Cross-section area of a feeder cable, mm2 120, 150, 240 and more

The advantages of block-modular electric boiler houses produced by the Factory GazSintez

  • electric boiler plants production according to the generic design, as well as to custom design
  • high degree of reliability and safe operation due to the use of various automation systems
  • controlled output of electric boiler plants based on 15 or more weather-dependent schedules
  • we perform package of services in design, production and installation of electric boiler houses
  • high ecological compatibility of electric boiler houses