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Heat points

Heat point
Internal design of a heating unit
Piping system of a heat point

The heat point is an important element of the heat system, providing operating mode control, heat carrier medium dispatching with the possibility of process monitoring.

The heat point is an intermediate joint between heat generating facilities (Combined Heat and Power Plants CHPP, boiler houses) and the heat consumer.

The heating units are a part of heat networks for heating, hot water supply and ventilation of separate buildings, its parts, as well as group of buildings and industrial facilities.

The main application of heat points is development of heat from heat generating facilities and heat distribution among consumers.

Also, the heating units perform the following functions:

  • heat carrier medium conversion
  • feedwater conditioning for heat supply system
  • measurement, accounting and process monitoring
  • real-time scheduling and emergency shutoff of the heating station

The heat carrier medium conversion is the heat transfer rate distribution for the needs of hot water supply system. The heat point can also provide the heat transport between the heat carriers with different thermophysical properties.

Types of heat points

Depending on the number of consumers of thermal power heat points are divided into district heating substations and heat substations.

District heating substations provide heat energy to only one building or a part of it. It is often installed in the basement or process rooms of the building. Also at the Customer's request and depending on technical requirements our Factory can produce a district heating substation in the modular unit with the necessary set of instrumentation and control equipment.

Heat substations perform heat introduction to several buildings and industrial facilities. Often, they are a stand-alone building.

Our Factory carries out design, production and delivery of block-type district heating substations and heat substations. Such heating units represent one or more heat insulated modules with the equipment installed at the Factory. It is possible to manufacture the heat point in-frame without siding sheets, which allows to place it inside the housing.

At installation site, it remains only to install heat points and hook up the equipment to the main and distribution heating systems and carry out start-up and commissioning.

Equipment configuration of the heating units

The equipment configuration includes the following:

  • heat exchange equipment (heat exchangers)
  • pumps and pumping units for coolant circulation, system charge and heat supply to consumers
  • connection piping of hot water supply and heating
  • water treatment equipment
  • electrical equipment, dispatch control and automation system (control board and cabinets, supervisory control centres)
  • measuring, regulating, safety and shut-off equipment

The heat points configuration is selected depending on the connection patterns: open/closed, dependent / independent, the area of the heated facility, etc.