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Mini boiler-houses GAZSINTEZ

Gas mini boiler house with the power efficiency 300 kW
Mini boiler houses up to 350 kW
Mini boiler houses up to 200 kW

Factory Gazsintez carries out volume production of mini-boiler houses GAZSINTEZ that represent single-unit certified boiler of full factory readiness. The power of one mini-boiler house is from 100 kW up to 350 kW. When combined into a single cascade, the maximum total power does not exceed 1 MW.

Modern compact mini-boiler houses are equipped with all necessary equipment, being a worthy alternative to the standard block-modular boiler houses. As part of the supplied equipment there are floor boilers with an efficiency of 93%, automation systems with weather-dependent control, automatic feeding, water treatment , heating and hot water supply systems.

Gas mini-boiler houses GAZSINTEZ can operate on three types of fuel:

  • on natural gas;
  • on the lliquified petroleum gas — to provide autonomy boiler rooms are equipped with own production gas holders and evaporators SINTEK
  • on diesel fuel.

At the Customer's request it is possible to manufacture dual fuel mini-boiler SYNTHESIS on diesel and natural gas, which are equipped with combined burners. This makes the boiler universal, which increases the scope of application.

The advantages of mini-boilers GAZSINTEZ

Wide range of power

The ability to select the required power allows to effectively achieve goals and implement engineering decisions at the facility with maximum benefit.

Passing of Russian State Expertise

Mini-boilers GASINTEZ are produced with a power of up to 350 kW, which does not require the passing of state expertise and are not subject to the control of Supervisory bodies.


Mini-boiler houses GASINTEZ are independent autonomous heat generating systems complete with tanks for diesel or liquefied gas storage. The tanks are manufactured by Factory GazSintez in compliance with national standards and regulatory requirements.

Volume production

Due to volume production, Factory GazSintez supplies universal mini-boilers for heating and hot water supply at optimal prices.

Fast production time

Efficient manufacturing process and existence of engineering decisions allow to reduce the production time and organize delivery to the facility exactly in the specified time.

Low shipping costs

Ready mini-boiler houses are compact and lightweight, which allows to carry them by trucks of weight-carrying capacity of up to 3 tons.

Installation as roof boiler houses

Mini-boilers are supplied in full factory readiness and have an even weight distribution, which makes it possible to install not only on foundation, but also on paving slabs, roofs and mechanical floors.

Choice of colors

Due to the use of sandwich panels as the outer wall of the boiler house, it is possible to implement any color solution based on Customer feedback.

Gas mini-boiler houses GAZSINTEZ

Standard equipment of the gas mini-boiler houses depends on the Customer's request and is selected in accordance with an optimum conformity with the set objectives. Basic equipment includes the boiler(s), a circulation pump of the boiler (1 pcs), overflow membraneous tank, automatic feeding valve, internal gas pipeline, automatic monitoring system of gas content, the block-box of sandwich-panels.

At Your request, fire and security alarm, diesel generator, chimney, additional heating and insulation ("Northern" version), GSM-module, heat metering unit can be added to the basic configuration.

Diesel mini-boiler houses GAZSINTEZ

Diesel mini-boiler house are an excellent alternative to a small-sized boiler house or emergency replacement of a stationary boiler house for the duration of its repair or maintenance.

The main advantages of these boiler houses are small dimensions, speed and ease of deployment, which allows to start them up immediately after installation. They are completely autonomous, as they have a day of fuel supply, as well as a diesel generator for electricity generation.

Diesel mini-boiler houses are supplied as bog-standard, which includes a fire-tube boiler, dual-stage diesel burner, circulation pump, overflow tank, automatic feeding valve, water counter and automation system.

If necessary, the basic equipment can be expanded with additional equipment, which is selected according to the custom design, taking into account the technological features of the facility. At the Customer's request, it is possible to install fire or security alarm, diesel generator, chimney, additional heating and insulation ("Northern" version), as well as a combined burner in case of ordering a two-fuel mini-boiler house.