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Steam boiler houses

Block-modular steam boiler house
Steam boiler house: inside view
Heating registers

Steam boiler houses are used to produce saturated or superheated steam, which acts as a coolant for water heating (in hot-water supply system) and heat generation (in heating system). The heat output of steam boiler plants allows to serve both small consumers and large industrial buildings and structures.

Factory GazSintez produces steam boiler houses of both low and high pressure on the basis of individual design (up to 12 MPa).

As fuel, steam boilers can use gas, diesel, fuel oil, coal or other solid fuel. For unfailing service it is advisable to use boiler plants, which can be operated on several types of fuel as a backup or emergency.

Block-modular steam boiler plants

Factory GazSintez designs and manufactures modular steam boiler houses. The peculiarity of them is their building, which is one or more block modules of framed structure. The frame of a individual module is a metal frame, sheeted with sandwich panels and insulated. The number of block-modules is calculated proceeding from the required heat output of the steam boiler house, that is, the number and power of steam boilers and equipment.

Modular steam boiler houses have a number of advantages over other structural designs:

  • fully shop-assembled
  • mobility
  • ease of transportation and installation
  • the possibility of disassembly of the steam boiler houses and its re-installation at the new operating site

Technical specifications of steam boiler plants

Criteria Value
1 Location mode stationary, attached
2 Block-module external casing sandwich panels, heat insulation with mineral wool plates
3 Fuel type used gas, liquid fuel, solid fuel
4 Rated steaming capacity 100 kg of steam per hour and more
5 Burner type single-fuel, multifuel
6 Degree of automation automatic mode with parameter output to operator control console
7 Service lifetime 15 years

The completeness of the steam boiler plant is calculated individually, based on the Customer's requirements for its performance.

They are manufactured with automated control and with the data output to the dispatch center, which does not require the constant presence of maintenance personnel in the boiler room building.

The main boiler equipment providing stable and reliable operation is:

  • steam generator or steam boiler
  • burner (gas, diesel, solid fuel-depending on the type of fuel used)
  • pumps (circulation, network, feed, etc.)
  • water-supply system
  • water treatment system
  • water-supply line
  • fuel-feed pipe
  • steam-distribution pipe
  • condensate storage system
  • electrical circuitry
  • instrumentation and controls

For liquid or solid fuel steam boiler houses, tanks or fuel storage warehouses, as well as a chimney for the stack gases removal, shall be provided.