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Compressors and compressor units SYNTEK

Compressor SYNTEK
Compressor SYNTEK
Compressor SYNTEK

Compressors and compressor units SYNTEK are advanced, safe and high-performance equipment for pumping-over of liquefied gas at gas filling stations and LPG dispensing stations.

The main functions of SYNTEK compressor units are pumping and compressing of industrial and liquefied petroleum gases (propane-butane mixtures, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, argon), as well as vapor recovery and degassing.

LPG compressor units are applied for:

  • LPG filling and discharge from railway or road tanks
  • on-site pumping
  • vapor recovery and collection in condensate trap
  • LPG vapor phase extraction for subsequent gas liquefaction
  • full emptying of the gas tank or tank car (for example, for facilities maintenance)

The Factory GazSintez produces the Russian analogue of the foreign equipment - compressor units SYNTEK, which are developed on the basis of its own projects and designs taking into account the peculiarities of operation in the territory of the Russian Federation, near and far abroad.

The compressor equipment is delivered to the operational location in full factory readiness, which reduces the time of installation and commissioning.

The compressors units are manufactured customized on metal frame, in the cabinet or modular. Their running is fully automated: control and regulating are carried out by the control board.

All compressors and elements of compressor units are produced in explosion-proof design, which completely eliminates the risk of fire hazardous situations.

Safe operation is achieved by installing safety and shut-off valves, which stop the gas flow in case of overpressure or pressure decline.

Different types of seals used in the production exclude the possibility of leakage of the working media during the pumping process.

Configuration of compressor units SYNTEK

  • compressor SYNTEK
  • gas filter
  • condensate trap
  • liquid phase splitter
  • pressure gauge
  • safety and relief valves
  • shut-off valves (valves, cocks)
  • motor set
  • 4-way valve
  • pressure sensor, level alarm, temperature sensor (optionally)
  • metal frame, cabinet or block-box depending on Customer's requirements
  • automatic control panel

Technical specifications of compressors SYNTEK

Criteria Value
1 Operating fluid liquified petroleum gas (propane/butane mix), anhydrous ammonia, cold carriers, nitrogen, argon, helium, air mixture, carbonate acid gas СОand other industrial gases
2 Input pressure, MPa up to 1.6
3 Output pressure, MPa up to 1.6
4 Output, m3/h up to 209
5 Motor output, kW up to 37
6 Structural design in-frame, in metal cabinet,in block-box
7 Orientation horizontal, vertical
8 Compressor stages single-stage, double-stage
9 Cooling procedure air cooling, liquid cooling
10 Sealing face seal, stuffing box seal, tip seal
11 Warranty 12 months

Advantages of compressor units SYNTEK

  • compressor units SYNTEK are a Russian analogue of foreign equipment, taking into account the site conditions
  • equipment individual design and production on the basis of the provided technical requirements (medium characteristics, application, output, suction capacity, structural design, etc.)
  • compressors and compressor units SYNTEK are supplied at the manufacturer's price
  • specialists of the Factory perform package of services of the facilities construction which use liquefied petroleum gas, without without any middleman, which guarantees competitive prices and tight deadlines for commissioning
  • as the Factory is specialized in LPG equipment manufacturing, we may guarantee high quality of the output product