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Electric evaporators and evaporator units

Electric evaporator unit with a capacity of 1000 kg/h
Metal cabinet of the electric evaporator unit
Electric vaporizer unit: inside view

Electric vaporizers SYNTEK-E and the evaporator units SYNTEK-I-E are used in independent gas supply systems. If the capacity of one evaporator is not enough, several evaporators can be installed in one unit. Thus, capacity increases and can reach up to 5000 kg/h.

Their main purpose is to provide consumers with the necessary quantity of gas when natural evaporation is not enough. The operating principle is forced conversion of the LPG liquid phase to vapor phase. The supplied equipment allows to increase, stabilize and control the intensity of gas vapour mixture production.

In order to obtain a gas mixture with the necessary split of propane and butane, as well as to speed up the evaporation process, electric evaporators SYNTEK are used, in which the propane-butane mixture is heated. The evaporator units are manufactured on the basis of dry-type evaporators, as electric heater (not heat-carrying fluids) serve as the heat source.

The Factory GazSintez produces electric evaporator units in modular design, that is, all components have the maximum factory readiness. It provides reliable and high-quality performance with the possibility of automatic control. At operating site, the equipment is only connected to the power supply and pipe rigging.

We produce electric evaporators and evaporator units on a metal frame, in a steel cabinet or a heat-insulated block-box .

Configuration of the electric evaporator units

  • metal frame, сabinet or block box
  • electric vaporizer or several vaporizers each with a capacity of 50 kg / h up to 400 kg/h
  • liquid phase splitter at the vapor phase outlet
  • gas outlet pressure regulator
  • pressure gauges with a valve on the vapor phase line
  • gas filter
  • shut-off and safety valves (ball valve, solenoid valve, safety valve)
  • control and measurement instrumentation (temperature sensors, thermostatic control valve , meters)
  • electrical circuitry
  • gas spill line pipeline

Technical characteristics of electric evaporator units SYNTEK

  • capacity - up to 5000 kg/h
  • the liquid phase pressure at the inlet - up to 1.6 MPa
  • the vapor phase pressure at the outlet - 0.003-1.0 MPa
  • operating temperature - from-60ºC to +50ºC
  • projected rate operation - 150 seconds

Advantages of electric evaporators and evaporator units SYNTEK produced by the Factory GazSintez

  • electric vaporizers SYNTEK is the Russian analogues of the evaporators of foreign manufacture, which positively affects their cost
  • self-design project has led to evaporators manufacture considering operating specifics in Russia and near abroad
  • the modular structural design of evaporator units reduces the production and installation time and allows to install them in various operation lines as required
  • high-scale automation ensures safe operation
  • all elements are made in explosion-proof design
  • high efficiency allows maximum use of the heating value of propane-butane mixtures
  • fast reaching the project capacity
  • ability to increase capacity as needed
  • individual design leads to the most efficient use of the Customer's resources at the facility, and ensures maximum compliance with their requirements
  • manufacturer price and warranty