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Equipment for gas filling stations

Underground gas tank for LPG storage
Pumping unit
Automatic control system

SYNTEK produces and supplies a set of equipment for gas filling stations and automobile CNG filling stations, which fully provides liquefied and natural gas intake, its storage, treatment, conditioning and fuelling of automobile transport or gas cylinders. The equipment can be used at filling stations operating with liquefied petroleum, natural and synthetic natural gas (additionally equipped with a mixing unit).

We supply the following equipment for gas filling stations separately as well as in prefabricated configuration:

  • aboveground or underground gas tanks for LPG storage up to 200 m3
  • pumping units for gas evacuation from the tanker and filling one or two tanks, capacity up to 1400 l/min, the hourly average rate of fuelling - up to 2500 l/h, with engine power - up to 7.5 kW
  • compressors for pressure increase up to 25 MPa (for CNG stations)
  • fuel dispensers
  • nitrogen units in explosion-proof design for pipeline purging, as well as maintenance or repair
  • automatic control systems with the possibility of remote monitoring and control, including instrumentation, software (microcontrollers, computer or control room, cabinet or control board, power supply)
  • pipe manifold: tanks filling line, automobile transport or gas cylinders fuelling line, emergency dumping pipeline, emergency gas vapor spill line
  • shut-off and safety valves

Each equipment item is supplied in the maximum factory readiness on a metal frame, which significantly reduces the installation time and accelerates the commissioning of the facility.

A complete set of gas-filling and CNG stations is selected according to:

  • total throughput capacity of gas stations per day
  • number of vehicles or cylinders to be refilled at the same time (required number of filling points)
  • required fuelling rate
  • type of gas (liquefied petroleum or synthetic natural gas)
  • the required gas pressure in the pumps and when fuelling
  • the required reserves of gas
  • degree of gas stations automation

Advantages of the supplied equipment for gas filling/CNG stations produced by the Factory GazSintez

  • maximum factory readiness, which reduces the time and cost of installation works
  • supply of ready-made engineering solutions for gas stations and LPG dispensing stations, as well as individual equipment selection
  • the modular structural design allows to save time on equipment specifications agreeing of  different OEM suppliers
  • possibility of installation and operation of the equipment in any environmental conditions and on any foundation
  • compliance with state standards
  • manufacturer warranty and prices