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Gas tanks for LPG

Underground gas tank
Aboveground gas tank
Underground double-wall gas tank

SYNTEK produces and supplies tanks for liquefied gas storage of the following structural designs:

  • underground tanks for LPG
  • above-ground tanks for LPG
  • double-walled LPG tanks (aboveground and underground)
  • vertical LPG tanks (aboveground and underground)

Gas tanks are used as part of automatic and backup gas supply systems, at gas stations, as part of boiler houses on LPG, LPG dispensing stations, oil and gas enterprises, transport enterprises and other industrial facilities, when it is necessary to create a certain reserve of liquefied gas.

Technical characteristics of aboveground and underground gas holders

  • operating pressure - 1.0-1.6 MPa
  • operating temperature — from -45ºC to +45ºC
  • filling-85%
  • volume of horizontal LPG tanks - from 2.5 m3 to 200 m3
  • volume of vertical LPG tanks-up to 20 m3
  • the main material - steel 09G2S
  • the established service life - 20 years

Storage vessels for liquefied petroleum gas are made in the form of a cylindrical body with elliptical bottoms. There are placed fittings and nozzles for the technological equipment installation in accordance with the order.

The set of equipment supplied in accordance with Customer's request includes:

  • control and measuring instruments: level gauge, liquid level indicator, pressure gauge
  • safety relief valve
  • nozzles for filling and emptying
  • nozzle for LPG vapor phase withdrawal
  • shut-off valves
  • pressure regulator
  • at the Customer's request: evaporator, pump, heater, liquefied gas filling and discharge equipment, equipment for LPG vapor phase intake and supply to the Consumer, etc.

Distinctive features of the aboveground gasholders

Special requirements are applied to the outer surface coating in accordance with the industrial safety rules. The outer surface is covered with the grey enamel and red stripe with the “No fire” sign.

Distinctive features of the underground liquefied gas storage tanks

When the gasholders are mounted underground, soil has an additional corrosion effect on the shell. Therefore, it is necessary to provide high-quality anti-corrosion protection of the outer shell. It is waterproofed and coated with epoxy resin-based paint, bitumen mastic and bituminous rolled material, synthetic resins and other materials. In addition, electrochemical corrosion protection, for example, triple-component cathode-anode or protector protection, may be provided.

Distinctive features of double-wall LPG storage tanks

Double-wall ga tanks are two horizontal vessels with elliptical bottoms, located one in the other. Such a design may also be called "a glass in a glass" or LPG tanks with a protective wall.

The liquefied gas is stored in the inner housing. The outer case has a larger diameter and is designed to prevent the working fluid from entering the atmosphere or the ground in case of leakage of the inner one.

The double wall provides greater explosion and fire safety during operation, as the getting of the operating gas into the environment is excluded. The interstitial space is filled with antifreeze, ethylene glycol, inert gas (e.g. nitrogen) or other inert substance with a flash point up to +100°C.