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LPG dispensing stations

Modular gas cylinder filling unit
Modular gas cylinder filling unit: inside view
Gas cylinder filling station

Factory GazSintez manufactures LPG dispensing stations and units for gas cylinder filling.

We design up-to-date engineering decisions for enterprises of various sizes. Now there is rapid development and increasing use of liquefied petroleum gas for independent gas supply facilities, vehicles refueling, as well as LPG application as a backup fuel, etc. Our Factory supplies gas companies from scratch and upgrade them as well.

Our stations have a high degree of explosion and fire safety and meet the requirements of state standards.

Universal multifunctional systems are the design basis that allow the operator to perform all the necessary functions:

  • filling and emptying
  • weighing to determine the injected gas volume
  • leakage check
  • scheduled maintenance and repair

Depending on the required producing capacity, we supply the following structural designs:

Gas cylinder filling stations

Gas cylinder filling stations are widely used at LPG dispensing stations and gas filling stations for filling domestic gas cylinders of  5, 12, 27 and 50 liters of liquefied petroleum gas.

Gas cylinder filling stations perform the following functions:

  • LPG  residue dump when filling or when it detects leaking gas cylinder in the filling process
  • checking the charge ratio by weighing the cylinders
  • visual monitoring of the drained gas
  • LPG pressure monitoring in the pressure pipe

Modular gas cylinder filling units

They are designed for domestic cylinder filling with liquefied petroleum gas. The hourly average  rate of refueling is up to 1000 l / h, i.e. filling of 20 cylinders with a capacity of 50 liters per hour.

Modular filling units are designed for semi-automatic filling of cylinder s with a volume of 5, 12, 27, 50 liters, which requires 1-3 people in routine or rotational operating.

Modular gas cylinder filling units perform the following functions:

  • manual discharging for LPG residue dump
  • leakage check
  • manual or automatic filling depending on the type of pump unit used
  • weighing and measurement of gas volume