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Mixing units SYNTEK

Low pressure mixing unit SYNTEK
Medium pressure mixing unit SYNTEK on the basis of Venturi tubes
High pressure mixing unit SYNTEK

Mixing plants are used to produce synthetic natural gas, which is used as a prime or back-up fuel in gas supply systems of various facilities and seamless process flows.

Synthetic gas SNG is a mixture of gas (gases) and air. It has the same heating value as methane, allowing not to reduce the efficiency of the equipment.

In addition, the product gas ensures the transfer of equipment from the prime fuel to the back-up one without efficiency loss and constructional parts damage. So it should have the same density, temperature and other characteristics as natural gas.

Mixing of liquefied gas and air can be performed using different schemes, for example, in Venturi tubes or mixing valve. At the output, the Consumer receives SNG gas at low, medium or high pressure, depending on the operating requirements.

The Factory GazSintez manufactures the following types of mixing equipment:

  • low pressure mixing units SYNTEK
  • medium pressure mixing units SYNTEK on the basis of the mixing valve
  • medium pressure mixing units SYNTEK on the basis of Venturi tubes
  • high pressure mixing units SYNTEK

The exact configuration depends on the method of mixing - in Venturi tubes or mixing valves, as well as on the Customer's requirements.

Typical configuration of SNG mixing units include:

  • all-welded steel housing, block-box or metal frame
  • evaporator
  • mixing system of different operating principle
  • receiver (for units on the basis of the Venturi tubes)
  • automatic control system

In addition, we supply:

  • gas tanks for liquefied petroleum gas for back-up storage
  • pump or compressor with different functionality depending on Your requirements

Advantages of SNG mixing units of our own make

  • produced synthetic gas value is not less than natural gas value
  • the use of mixing units is convenient and profitable as main gas supply systems as back-up gas supply systems
  • it is cost-effective solution to use mixing units SYNTEK for gas supply of existing facilities, which are planned to be connected to the main pipeline in the future
  • mixing units SYNTEK are transportable, compact, simple in installation, commissioning and operation
  • if you are already using natural gas equipment, there is no need to re-equip it on SNG gas
  • it is the possible to implementing our units in the already existing gas supply system at your facility
  • automatic system control and remote control are provided