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Pumping units SYNTEK

Pumping unit SYNTEK
Self-priming pumping unit SYNTEK
Pumping unit for tank filling SYNTEK

Pumping units SYNTEK are used for repumping of  liquefied petroleum gas:

  • for LPG discharge from rail and road tankers to aboveground and underground tanks, vessels of gas-filling stations and LPG dispensing stations
  • for filling gas into the rail and road tankers from tanks
  • for fuelling cylinders, automobile transport, etc.

The supplied pumping equipment can be included in complex mixing or evaporation systems, filling systems of gas stations, etc.

The need to use pumps and pumping units is due to the insufficient speed of natural repumping of the operating medium. They provide a pressure difference between the emptied and receiving tanks or tankers, which gives the necessary speed for gas flow.

The Factory GazSintez manufactures LPG pumping systems with different functionality depending on requirements:

  • pump-counting units with the possibility of metering of the served gas volume
  • self-priming pumping units with the possibility of operation without immersion into the emptied tank
  • manual pumping units with manual (lever) gas evacuation
  • discharge units for cylinders filling with the function of weighing the volume of the controlled fluid

All types of pumping units can be supplied in a metal cabinet (with insulation, heating and without), in a block box or on a metal frame.

All equipment is customized designed, which ensures its maximum compliance with Your needs. Type and modification depend on Customer's requirements and technological parameters. The following parameters can be listed:

  • pumping rate
  • the pressure in the emptied and the receiving tank/vessel/tanker
  • pump motor output
  • pumping speed
  • pump efficiency
  • pump head

Design of LPG pumping units

The basis of a pumping unit is a pump of one of the following types:

  • sliding-vane, propeller, peripheral, centrifugal type pumps
  • self-priming pump
  • low-or high-capacity pump with high or low differential pressure
  • horizontal or vertical orientation of the pump is also designed individually.

In addition, the pumping units include the following devices:

  • strainer/mesh filter for mechanical gas cleaning
  • isolation valves
  • safety devices
  • back or by-pass valve

Advantages of liquefied gas pumping units

The main advantage is their production on the individual order. In addition, we offer:

  • full compliance of the equipment with the requirements
  • high quality of gland sealing and mechanical sealing devices that ensure integrity
  • pump body is manufactured of carbon steel, which provides high safety, reliability and durability
  • good technical features: flow rate of a pump up to 270 m3/h, pressure up to 1 MPa, pump motor output up to 30 kW, processing medium density up to 1.3 kg/ dm3, processing medium temperature from-40ºC to +180ºC
  • pumps and pumping units of our own make are certified and fully comply with the state norms and standards